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Tech’s Wizard of Oz Unveils Future of AI, Robotics, and Beyond


‘This is a unique time’: ARK Invest’s chief futurist tackles tech innovation from AI to robotics


For tech investors seeking an edge, ARK Invest’s chief futurist, Brett Winton, highlights five key investment areas that are poised to transform industries and deliver significant returns.

These areas include: * **Robotics:** As automation advancements accelerate, robotics solutions are increasingly adopted across various sectors, from manufacturing to healthcare.

* **Artificial Intelligence (AI):** AI technologies, including machine learning and deep learning, are reshaping industries by enabling data analysis, automation, and improved decision-making.

* **Multi-omics Sequencing:** This area involves advanced gene sequencing techniques that analyze multiple aspects of DNA, RNA, and proteins.

It has significant applications in healthcare, drug discovery, and personalized medicine.

* **Public Blockchain:** Decentralized public blockchain networks, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are transforming digital finance, data privacy, and supply chain management.

* **Energy Storage:** With the growing adoption of renewable energy sources, efficient and scalable energy storage technologies are crucial for managing grid stability and decarbonizing energy systems.

Winton emphasizes that these areas are entering the marketplace simultaneously, creating a unique opportunity for investors.

He advocates for a long-term investment strategy that prioritizes innovation and supports management teams driving these technological advancements.

Despite recent market downturns, ARK’s Venture Fund, which invests in private technology companies, has performed well over the past year.

Notably, the fund’s top holdings include companies like Epic Games (known for Fortnite) and innovative biotech companies such as Freenome and Relation Therapeutics.

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    “According to Brett Winton, robotics, artificial intelligence, multi-omics sequencing, public blockchain and energy storage are key areas because they’re all entering the marketplace at the same time.”

    “Winton collaborates with ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood to maintain the ARK Venture Fund (ARKVX), which allows investors to buy into the private technology space.”


    “The ARK Venture Fund is down more than 7% so far this year.”

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