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Elon Musk’s Beijing Shocker: Tesla’s China Triumph Secures Data Safety


Musk makes surprise visit to Beijing as Tesla’s China-made cars pass data security rules


Chinese authorities have lifted restrictions on Tesla vehicles after the company demonstrated compliance with China’s rigorous data security regulations.

This timely announcement coincides with Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s surprise visit to Beijing to meet with Premier Li Qiang.

Tesla’s China-made models, including the Model 3 and Model Y, underwent rigorous evaluations to ensure they adhere to the country’s stringent data security standards.

The requirements include anonymizing facial recognition data, avoiding collecting cockpit data unless essential, processing data within the vehicle itself, and providing clear notifications to users regarding personal information.

Tesla had previously implemented measures such as localizing data storage and obtaining the ISO 27001 international certification to enhance its security credentials.

Notable companies like BYD, Lotus, and Nio have also met China’s data compliance requirements for new energy vehicles.

Musk’s Beijing visit has sparked speculation about the potential launch of Tesla’s advanced driver-assist software, “Full Self Driving,” in China.

However, industry experts have pointed out the challenges Tesla faces in supporting the software’s operation as a foreign entity in the country.

China’s government has expressed its commitment to fostering innovation and stimulating demand in the automotive sector.

Premier Li Qiang visited domestic companies like Xpeng at the Beijing Auto Show, emphasizing the importance of innovation and meeting market needs.

Tesla’s absence from the auto show this year follows an incident at the previous event where a protester perched on a Tesla vehicle.

The biennial show, alternating between Beijing and Shanghai, had been canceled in 2022 due to pandemic-related concerns.

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    “Local Chinese authorities have removed restrictions on Tesla cars after the company’s China-made vehicles passed the country’s data security requirements”

    “Tesla’s vehicles were not the only ones that passed the data security rules.”


    “Tesla’s electric cars are some of the most popular vehicles in China, they have reportedly been banned from some government-related properties due to concerns about what data the U.S.-based automaker can collect”

    “JL Warren Capital CEO and Head of Research Junheng Li said on X that the rollout of a supervised version of FSD in China is extremely unlikely”

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