Facing an Underwater Mortgage? Consider a Short Sale

Facing an underwater mortgage (owing more than your home's worth) can be scary, but a short sale offers an alternative to foreclosure. In a short sale, you sell for less than owed and the lender forgives the difference. There are drawbacks like potential tax implications and credit score hit, but it allows you to avoid a foreclosure and potentially recover your ability to buy a home sooner. Explore all options with a HUD counselor before proceeding.

Fed’s Silent Rate Hike: Your Wallet’s Hidden Reset

Interest rates for credit cards, savings accounts, and mortgages remain elevated despite the Federal Reserve holding off on rate cuts. Credit card rates could stay high for the rest of 2024, while savings accounts continue to offer competitive interest rates but may moderate slightly over time. Mortgage rates, on the other hand, could decline to around 6% by year-end, potentially easing the tight housing market.

Homeownership Advantage: Growing Up in a Home That Owns You!

Parents' homeownership impacts their children's likelihood of becoming homeowners. Homeowner parents provide financial assistance and insights, creating opportunities for children to save and learn about homeownership. Conversely, those without homeowner parents face challenges due to limited financial capacity and knowledge. Cultural upbringing also influences a person's motivation to pursue homeownership, with those raised in cultures that value homeownership more likely to become homeowners.