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Ivy Day: College Applicants’ Rollercoaster of Emotions Revealed


After a difficult application year, college hopefuls have a ‘love-hate relationship’ with ‘Ivy Day,’ expert says


Ivy Day, when Ivy League schools announce admissions decisions, is approaching on March 28.

However, the fascination with Ivy League schools is waning, with students becoming increasingly skeptical.

The application process is deemed confusing, as some colleges eliminate legacy preferences while others reinstate standardized testing requirements.

The Supreme Court’s ruling against affirmative action has also raised concerns about the impact on minority enrollment.

Despite these changes, Ivy League schools remain highly sought after.

Their graduates continue to have significant advantages in the workforce and beyond.

Research shows that attending an Ivy League college increases the chances of attending an elite graduate school, working at a prestigious firm, and ultimately reaching the top 1% of income earners.

However, these advantages come at a high price.

Private college tuition and fees are substantially higher than public college costs.

In addition, the Opportunity Insights report found that Ivy League colleges continue to favor students from high-income families, perpetuating privilege.

The Ivy League’s grip on prestige and elite opportunities is expected to endure, even as the application landscape undergoes changes.

However, students are becoming more discerning and questioning the value of the Ivy League name brand amidst ongoing controversies and uncertainties in the college admissions process.

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    “Yet, just weeks later, Harvard was named the ultimate ‘dream’ school, according to a Princeton Review survey of college-bound students.”

    ” studies have shown that earning a college degree is almost always worthwhile.”

    “Even attending a college in the ‘Ivy-plus’ category nearly doubles the chances of attending an elite graduate school and triples the chances of working at a prestigious firm.”


    “Changes in the application process are ‘confusing and chaotic,’ says Christopher Rim, president and CEO of Command Education.”

    “Tuition and fees plus room and board for a four-year private college averaged $56,190 in the 2023-24 school year.”

    ” Applications for early admission at Harvard University took a sharp nosedive last fall amid multiple incidents of antisemitism on campus while backlash ensued over Harvard President Claudine Gay’s congressional testimony, which contributed to her resignation.”

    “Higher education, as a whole, is under pressure, experts say.”

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