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Unbelievable! $150 Penalty for Skipping Medical Visit: Outrageous Fees Skyrocketing


I was charged $150 for missing a doctor’s appointment. Turns out these fees are on the rise


More and more, patients are facing hefty “no-show” fees for missing doctor’s appointments.

These charges can range from $100 to over $150, and they’re becoming increasingly common.

Experts argue that these fees are justified for several reasons.

Firstly, when patients no-show, they are wasting precious time slots that could otherwise be used by patients who desperately need care.

This can lead to longer wait times and decreased availability of healthcare services.

Secondly, no-shows result in lost income for medical practices.

When a patient misses an appointment, the doctor and staff often have nothing else to do during that time, yet they still need to be paid.

This can lead to financial burdens for healthcare providers, which may ultimately affect the quality of care they can offer.

However, some critics argue that these fees are unfair to patients, especially those facing financial hardships or transportation issues.

They suggest that medical practices implement alternative strategies to address no-shows, such as sending reminders or providing ride sharing services.

It’s important for patients to be aware of the policies regarding late cancellations and no-shows at their doctor’s office.

If a cancellation fee is applicable, it’s best to reschedule the appointment instead to avoid the charge.

Patients may also try to negotiate with the office if they find the fee unfair or cannot afford it.

Ultimately, these fees are often discretionary, and medical practices may be willing to waive them for patients who have genuine reasons for missing appointments.

However, it’s essential for both patients and providers to work together to minimize no-shows and ensure that healthcare resources are used effectively.

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    “George Loewenstein, an economics and psychology professor at Carnegie Mellon University, said he strongly supports such fees.”

    “Carolyn McClanahan, a certified financial planner and physician, said the fees are “totally fair.””


    “If you miss a doctor’s appointment these days, you could get hit with a “no-show” fee of up to $100 — or more.”

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    “Adam Rust, the director of financial services at the Consumer Federation of America, said using a fee to recover costs may be reasonable.”

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