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College-Educated Women Freezing Eggs: Why and the Hidden Costs


‘Too few college-educated men’: A look at why many women undergo egg freezing, and the costs associated with it


With the ongoing legal battles over reproductive rights in the United States, egg freezing has emerged as a contentious issue with far-reaching implications.

Egg freezing has become increasingly popular among women who want to delay motherhood due to the “mating gap” or the lack of available partners.

As more women pursue higher education, the number of eligible and educated men has dwindled, leaving many women without potential mates.

Egg freezing offers women a sense of empowerment and control over their reproductive choices.

It provides them with additional time to establish their careers or find a suitable partner without compromising their fertility.

However, egg freezing comes with significant financial and emotional costs.

The average cost for a single cycle in the U.S. is around $11,000, not including hormone medication and storage fees.

Many women require multiple cycles as they age, making the expenses substantial.

The emotional toll of egg freezing can also be significant.

The process includes hormone injections, changes in diet, and potential social isolation.

It is important to note that egg freezing does not guarantee success, and there is no guarantee that viable embryos will be produced.

In recent years, some companies have started offering egg freezing as an employee benefit, recognizing the growing need for reproductive health services.

This has made egg freezing more accessible for some women, but it is still not widely available.

While egg freezing has its benefits, potential participants must carefully consider the financial, social, and emotional implications before making a decision.

It is essential to seek professional guidance from fertility specialists to understand the risks and benefits involved.

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    “For women who choose to undergo reproductive technology procedures such as egg freezing face a long road riddled with obstacles.”


    “Over 1 million frozen eggs and embryos are stored in the United States alone, according to biotech fertility company TMRW Life Sciences.”

    “The process also doesn’t guarantee success.”

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