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Your Car Knows More About You Than You Think: Protect Your Data Now!


As new vehicles become more like computers, what car shoppers need to know about protecting their data


Modern cars are equipped with advanced features that bring both convenience and privacy concerns.

Data collection is rampant in the automotive industry, with car manufacturers accumulating vast amounts of personal information from drivers.

This data includes: * Vehicle location * Driving habits * Text messages * Geolocations Carmakers often share and even sell this data to third parties, raising concerns about its potential misuse.

Despite these concerns, car shoppers have limited resources for researching privacy policies and understanding data collection practices.

Experts recommend taking the following steps to navigate privacy issues in car ownership: 1.

**Inquire at the Dealership:** Ask the dealership about the brand’s data collection policies and options for opting in or out.

Seek information on anonymizing data and preventing its aggregation under your name.


**Consult Your Insurance Provider:** Auto insurers may receive data from carmakers as well.

Inquire about their use of data and options for opting out of monitoring devices.


**Check the Owner’s Manual:** Read the manual for instructions on deleting personalized data from the onboard computer.

This can mitigate ongoing data collection although it may eliminate certain features such as navigation and roadside assistance.

Remember that disabling or removing high-tech features can compromise safety features and vehicle functionality.

Balancing privacy concerns with the benefits of modern technology requires careful consideration.

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    “New cars today are loaded with high-tech features for car shoppers, from their own operating systems to navigation and remote unlock.”


    “But with those advancements come questions about driver privacy, said Ivan Drury, the director of insights at Edmunds, a car site.”

    “Almost every new vehicle collects different types of details about you — and they will share and sell that data, according to a September report by Mozilla, a data privacy advocate, which looked at the privacy practices of 25 different car brands.”

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