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Taxpayers Trapped in ‘Marriage Tax Trap’ Could Get Relief!


House lawmakers weigh relief for state and local tax deduction ‘marriage penalty’


**Marriage Penalty in Tax Deductions** The government is considering a law to address a “marriage penalty” in tax deductions for married couples.

Currently, there’s a $10,000 limit on federal deductions for state and local taxes (SALT).

The new bill would temporarily double that limit to $20,000 for married couples with incomes under $500,000.

This would help alleviate a penalty faced by couples who file jointly, as each spouse could claim $10,000 individually.

While the bill doesn’t have widespread support, it’s sparking discussions about future tax policies.

Some argue it would benefit middle-class families, while others believe it mainly helps wealthier households who already benefited from previous tax reforms.

  • Overall sentiment: neutral
  • Positive

    “The bill would temporarily double the SALT deduction limit to $20,000 for married couples filing together with an adjusted gross income of less than $500,000”


    “While the bill doesn’t have broad support, it could help shape future tax policy discussions, experts say.”

    “The wealthy already came out pretty well from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and this is just giving them a little bit extra,”

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