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Master Poker Pro Reveals the Secret to Women and Investing


In poker, risk is the ‘name of the game,’ pro player says. How that applies to women and investing


Women tend to be cautious investors, holding more cash and waiting to be more informed before investing.

However, research shows that women actually outperform men by 40 basis points in investments.

Investing expert Jennifer Shahade emphasizes the importance of calibrating risk.

She encourages women to recognize that not taking risks is itself a risk.

By carefully considering risk and relying on a combination of data and intuition, women can find the right investment opportunities and maximize their returns.

Despite their success in investing, women often miss out on potential gains by being too cautious.

It’s crucial to avoid excessive caution and capitalize on market opportunities by investing in reputable companies that can weather market downturns and provide long-term growth.

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    “When it comes to investing, women tend to have positive returns and outperform men by 40 basis points, research from Fidelity Investments has found.”

    “Yet, women also tend to hold too much cash, and often they feel they need to know more before they invest.”


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