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JPMorgan’s Profits Plunge Post-$2.9 Billion Regional Bank Bailout


JPMorgan Chase profit falls after $2.9 billion fee from regional bank rescues


JPMorgan Chase faced a 15% decline in its quarterly earnings, resulting in $3.04 per share, due to a $2.9 billion fee associated with the government’s handling of failed regional banks.

Excluding that fee and investment losses, earnings would have been $3.97 per share.

However, the bank’s revenue saw a 12% increase to $39.94 billion, outpacing analysts’ expectations.

CEO Jamie Dimon highlighted a record-breaking year in 2023, with profits reaching nearly $50 billion, thanks in part to the acquisition of First Republic.

While the U.S. economy remains resilient, Dimon expressed caution regarding deficit spending and potential inflation persistence.

Smaller banks have experienced profit challenges due to rising interest rates, leading to higher deposit costs and unrealized losses on bonds.

In addition, concerns over rising loan losses, particularly in the commercial and credit card sectors, have added to the industry’s worries.

Despite navigating the interest rate environment skillfully, JPMorgan, along with other banks, faces potential adjustments in capital requirements.

The bank’s shares showed a 27% increase last year, signifying investor confidence in the company’s performance.

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    “JPMorgan Chase said Friday that fourth-quarter profit declined after paying a $2.9 billion fee tied to the government seizures of failed regional banks last year.Shares of JPMorgan rose 1.9% during premarket trading.”

    “JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon said full-year results hit a record because the largest U.S. bank by assets performed better than expected on net interest income and credit quality”


    “The bank said quarterly earnings slipped 15% to $9.31 billion, or $3.04 per share, from a year earlier.Excluding the fee tied to the regional banking crisis and $743 million in investment losses, earnings would have been $3.97 per share, according to JPMorgan.”

    “Consumer concern is also mounting over rising losses from commercial loans, especially office building debt, and higher defaults on credit cards.”

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