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Fed to Cut Rates, But Timing No Longer Matters: Expert’s BOMBSHELL


This week promises to be packed with significant events on Wall Street.

Consumer Price Index (CPI) Data: On Wednesday, the CPI, a key inflation indicator, will be released.

Investors eagerly await positive news on inflation, as it could influence the Federal Reserve’s decision on interest rate cuts.

Earnings Season Kickoff: Earnings season begins this week with Delta Air Lines reporting on Wednesday.

Major banks such as Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and BlackRock will also report their quarterly results on Friday.

Bank of America’s Earnings Outlook: Osan Quan, Senior US Equity Strategist at Bank of America Securities, anticipates strong earnings growth.

He predicts a 12% increase in earnings this year and another 10% next year, driven by cost reductions and improvements in the macro environment.

Macroeconomic Setup: Quan believes that the overall economic setup is favorable for equities.

Inflation is declining, the economy remains strong, and the Fed is expected to end its interest rate hikes soon and potentially move into an easing cycle.

Shift from Goods to Services: A shift from spending on goods to services benefits earnings, as services account for a larger share of S&P earnings than goods do.

This shift is expected to continue and support earnings growth.

Bank of America’s Base Case for Market Movement: Bank of America believes that the market’s continued positive momentum is less dependent on whether the Fed cuts rates and more on the strength of earnings.

A proactive rate cut driven by economic strength would be bullish, while a reactive cut due to economic weakness would be bearish.

  • Key Takeaways

CPI data is a key indicator for investor sentiment and can affect the Fed’s interest rate decisions.

CPI data is a measure of inflation, and changes in inflation can affect the decisions made by the Federal Reserve in regards to interest rates.

Corporate earnings are important for understanding the health of the economy.

Corporate earnings provide insight into the financial performance of companies, and can be used to assess the overall health of the economy.

The macroeconomic setup is favorable for equities due to declining inflation, improving economic conditions, and anticipated interest rate easing.

Inflation is a measure of price increases and declining inflation indicates that prices are becoming more stable which is beneficial for equities, As the economy improves and interest rates become more favorable, it provides a more positive environment for equity investment.

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