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Discover the Secret to Unlocking a $25K/Month Side Hustle


Liz Chick, a creative entrepreneur, shares her journey of turning her passion for art into a thriving business called RecCreate Collective.

RecCreate Collective is a creative event space in Brooklyn, New York, where Liz organizes various art and craft workshops for young adults seeking community.

The workshops include knitting, painting, and botanical dyeing.

Liz’s path to entrepreneurship began with experimenting with natural dyeing while working a desk job.

When a fortunate turn of events led her to win $30,000, she used it as seed money to start her business.

After several setbacks in finding a suitable space, Liz stumbled upon a magical location and took the leap of faith to sign a lease.

Despite her student debt, Liz’s financial stability and artistic background gave her the confidence to invest in her dream.

She shifted her focus from solely showcasing her own art to collaborating with other artists and hosting events.

The response was overwhelming, with strangers eager to participate in her creative endeavors.

One of the biggest challenges for Liz was attracting people to her workshops.

To overcome this, she relied on online marketing and social media to spread the word.

Gradually, her events gained popularity, leading to increased revenue.

In December 2023, Liz finally turned a profit and began paying herself a livable wage.

The journey has been filled with challenges, such as the high cost of materials and the initial financial risk, but Liz’s passion and the joy she experiences from her work keep her motivated.

Liz’s mission is to foster a sense of community and provide a platform for creativity.

She believes that everyone has the potential to create something beautiful and that her events can help unleash that potential.

She is grateful for the opportunity to make a living doing what she loves and to witness the impact her work has on others.

  • Key Takeaways

Entrepreneurship can stem from personal passion and creativity.

Liz Chick’s entrepreneurial journey originated from her passion for art and her desire to create a community space for young adults to explore their creativity.

Financial stability and a supportive network can embolden entrepreneurial pursuits.

Liz’s financial stability from her day job and her artistic background gave her the confidence to invest in her dream of starting RecCreate Collective.

Effective marketing strategies are crucial for attracting customers and building a profitable business.

Liz used online marketing and social media to reach her target audience and promote RecCreate Collective’s workshops, leading to increased revenue and profitability.

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