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Black Men’s Job Losses: Inequality’s Harsh Reality Revealed!


The unemployment rate of Black men rose in January, underscoring continued inequality in labor market


In January, there was an increase in unemployment among Black males over the age of 20.

The unemployment rate for this group rose to 5.3%, up from 4.6% in December.

In contrast, white males experienced no changes in their unemployment rate, maintaining a steady 3.3%.

Moreover, the wage disparity between Black and white workers persists, with white workers earning almost 20% more than their Black counterparts.

While overall improvement in job opportunities for Black men has been observed, ongoing disparities in unemployment and income highlight the need for continued social progress and policies that address racial inequities in the labor market.

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    “The tight labor market experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic helped close the gap in work-related opportunities among Black and white men.”

    “Indeed, the difference in unemployment rates between Black and white men shrunk to 2 percentage points in January from 4.1 percentage points in the same month in 2019.”


    “Black males who were at least 20 years old saw an unemployment rate of 5.3% in January, up from 4.6% in December.”

    “Black men lost ground in the workforce last month, marking a continuation of the disparities that have permeated the U.S. labor market.”

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