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2 Secret SEO Side Hustles That Can Make You Six Figures in 2024


This strategy to generate $1,000 to $10,000 per month in revenue involves building a micro-destination website in a local area, leveraging search engine optimization (SEO) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Creating Micro-Destination Websites: Target small, underserved cities or neighborhoods with specific interests or businesses.

Optimize the website for relevant keywords and topics within the local area.

Create valuable assets like research, interactive maps, or data-driven reports to attract links and build authority.

Utilizing SEO and AI: Leverage Rankability to create content briefs and optimize pages for target keywords.

Use AI to generate content outlines and assist in fact-checking.

Identify opportunities for backlinks and content collaboration through AI tools like ChatGPT.

Building a Micro Local Marketing Agency: Leverage the results from the local website to gain credibility and build a portfolio.

Target local businesses in specific Niches and offer SEO services.

Use direct outreach and multiple touch points to generate leads and land clients.

Key Points: Focus on providing value through personalized outreach and recommendations.

Identify points of leverage in potential clients’ businesses by analyzing their online presence.

Use chamber of commerce events, social media, and QR codes to increase visibility and generate leads.

Stay consistent with outreach and follow-ups to build trust and relationships.

Don’t aim for massive scale initially; focus on building partnerships with a few high-quality clients.

  • Key Takeaways

Establishing a Niche Market in Local Areas.

Targeting small locales with distinct industries or interests and optimizing the website for associated local keywords aids in attracting clientele.

Harnessing Technology for SEO and Content Creation.

Utilizing tools like Rankability for generating content briefs and AI for content outlining and fact-checking enhances SEO and content quality.

Developing a Micro Local Marketing Agency.

Leveraging website results to establish credibility, targeting local businesses in specific niches, and using direct outreach strategies helps generate leads and build a client base.

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