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Xiaomi’s Ambitious Leap: Conquering the EV Market with 20 Million Premium Users


Xiaomi bets big on its new electric vehicle — targets 20 million premium users


Xiaomi, a well-known smartphone producer, is venturing into the electric car market.

Their primary focus is on catering to a premium-priced segment, targeting those who are already ingrained in the company’s ecosystem through their smartphone and home devices.

This strategy is possible due to Xiaomi’s significant user base, boasting 20 million customers who spend heavily on their gadgets.

Xiaomi’s unique approach emphasizes connectivity and ease of use within their ecosystem.

By linking their electric car to smartphones and other home appliances, they aim to create a seamless user experience.

The company’s recent success with the “premiumization” of its smartphones gives them confidence in offering a similarly high-end electric vehicle.

Despite lingering doubts and competition in the EV market, Xiaomi’s ecosystem development and technological advancements set them apart.

Tesla’s prominence isn’t a major concern for Xiaomi, as they target a distinct segment with a focus on their interconnected devices.

However, there are external factors that might pose challenges for Xiaomi’s international expansion, particularly in the light of current political dynamics.

The company is cognizant of these hurdles and seeks to overcome them through internal capabilities and diversification strategies.

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    “Xiaomi Group President Weibing Lu told CNBC that Xiaomi has 20 million premium smartphone users in China, which the company sees as a potential market for its upcoming electric car.”

    “We think it’s a good starting point for us in the premium segment because we have already 20 million premium users in China based on the smartphone.””

    “The company’s new HyperOS operating system includes an artificial intelligence component that can learn from user behavior to automatically adjust connected devices.”


    “Xiaomi has generally been known for more affordably priced products, raising doubts about its ability to sell an electric car in a market where established giants like BYD are slashing prices.”

    “Apple has yet to formally enter the electric car market despite reports it has been working on one, while Chinese startup Nio released its own Android smartphone.”

    “Huawei has swiftly become a player in China’s electric car market, launching the Aito vehicle brand and selling its HarmonyOS operating system to multiple auto manufacturers.”

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