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Xiaomi unveils groundbreaking electric car, poised to revolutionize mobility.


Xiaomi is set to launch its electric car on March 28


Xiaomi, a renowned Chinese smartphone company, has unveiled plans to officially launch its highly anticipated electric car on March 28th.

In a social media post, the company declared that the vehicle, known as the SU7, will be available for delivery as soon as its launch date arrives.

The post also revealed that Xiaomi is commencing waitlist registration at 59 stores across 29 Chinese cities.

Prior to the announcement, Xiaomi President Weibing Lu hinted at the car’s premium positioning, suggesting that it will target the high-end segment of the market.

In an interview with CNBC, Lu indicated that deliveries could commence in the second quarter of this year.

While the car’s exterior design and technological features were showcased in late December, Xiaomi remained tight-lipped about its pricing and specific delivery timeline.

Despite international intrigue surrounding the vehicle, Xiaomi’s global expansion plans remain cautious.

Lu acknowledged that it could take at least two to three years before the SU7 is offered in markets outside of China.

Xiaomi’s foray into the electric vehicle sector represents a significant step in its business diversification strategy.

Known primarily for its mobile phones, the company seeks to expand its reach into new and emerging technologies.

The upcoming launch of the Xiaomi SU7 will be a crucial test of the company’s engineering prowess and its ability to compete in the competitive electric car market.

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    “Xiaomi claimed in a social media post the product “would be delivered as soon as it is launched,” according to CNBC’s translation of the post written in Chinese.”

    “The company revealed the vehicle’s exterior and tech features in late December, but did not share a price or specific delivery date.”


    “Last month, Xiaomi President Weibing Lu told CNBC the company was targeting the premium segment with the car, and indicated deliveries could begin as soon as the second quarter.”

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