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Virtual Thieves Unmasked: Global Bust Nets Scam Squad Defrauding Unwary Victims


Global police agencies take down massive scam website that defrauded thousands of victims


Law enforcement agencies worldwide have taken down a massive fraud website that criminals used to steal sensitive information from unsuspecting victims.

LabHost, the fraudulent website in question, was used by over 2,000 criminals to trick people into providing their personal details, including email addresses, passwords, and even bank account information.

The fraudsters used this information to steal money or access victims’ accounts illegally.

Authorities have identified approximately 70,000 victims in the United Kingdom who entered their details onto LabHost-linked websites.

The website collected over 480,000 credit card numbers, 64,000 PIN codes, and over 1 million passwords.

In a coordinated effort, law enforcement disrupted LabHost’s operations and replaced its content with a message indicating that the site had been seized by authorities.

Police have made 37 arrests so far in connection with the operation.

The investigation into LabHost began in June 2022 after the Cyber Defence Alliance, a partnership between banks and law enforcement, provided intelligence about the website’s activities.

This operation highlights the global reach of cybercrime and the importance of international cooperation in combating it.

Private companies such as Chainalysis, Intel 471, Microsoft, The Shadowserver Foundation, and Trend Micro collaborated with law enforcement to track down and take down LabHost.

The takedown of LabHost sends a clear message that criminals cannot escape accountability, even if they operate online.

Law enforcement agencies are working relentlessly to protect citizens from cyber threats and bring fraudsters to justice.

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    “LabHost’s websites were disrupted and replaced with a message stating that law enforcement has seized the services.”

    “A total of 37 suspects have been arrested so far, according to the Metropolitan Police.”


    “Britain’s Metropolitan Police said in a statement Thursday that the LabHost website was used by 2,000 criminals to steal users’ personal details.”

    “Police identified just under 70,000 individual U.K. victims who entered their details onto one of LabHost’s websites.”

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