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Unveiled: The Secret of Enduring Elegance in the World of Wealth


‘Quiet luxury’ is alive and well in 2024. Here’s why the old money style is so hard to shake


Despite financial struggles for many Americans, the “quiet luxury” trend persists, embracing an elegant and understated style known as “old money” aesthetics.

This trend is characterized by investing in high-quality, timeless pieces that last, prioritizing durability over fast fashion.

The “old money” aesthetic emphasizes classic, neutral colors and fine craftsmanship, echoing the subtle sophistication of inherited wealth without the flamboyant displays of previous economic boom periods.

This approach aligns with consumers’ growing awareness of sustainable practices and the environmental toll of fast fashion.

Young adults are particularly drawn to this trend, opting for versatile wardrobe staples that transcend seasonal limitations.

The focus on longevity is a departure from the disposable nature of fast fashion, which contributes to waste and carbon emissions.

Even on a budget, it’s possible to emulate the “old money” look by embracing secondhand shopping.

Thrifting vintage clothing and accessories provides access to unique, high-quality items without the hefty price tags.

The underlying message is to prioritize quality over quantity, investing in items meant to endure.

This “old money” style encourages responsible spending and a shift away from the “keeping up with the Joneses” mentality, emphasizing individuality and timeless elegance.

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    ““Quiet luxury” is back under a new name: old money style.”

    ““Quiet luxury, classic prep and even “mob wife” all fall under the old money aesthetic, which is reflective of the current economic climate, according to Glyn.”


    “Even when most Americans were living paycheck to paycheck.”

    “The trend hit on a formula that works and is easily replicated with neutral tones or completely monochromatic looks.”

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