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Unravel the Golden Secret: Turn Your Unwanted Gifts into Instant Cash!


This popular holiday gift often goes unused. Here’s how to turn it into cash


Gift cards are a popular holiday gift, but many people end up with unused ones.

These unused gift cards can be sold for cash on certain websites.

There are some websites, like Raise.com, CardCash.com, and GiftCash.com, that allow consumers to sell their unused cards for money.

Consumers should compare prices between websites to get the best deal.

It’s important to do your research before selling your gift card on a website to avoid fraud.

Additionally, some states have laws that require retailers to pay consumers cash back for partially used gift cards.

Other options for unused gift cards include donating them to charity or regifting them.

  • Overall sentiment: positive
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    “Gift cards are among the most popular gifts during the winter holiday season.”

    “Some vendors pay a percentage of a card’s value, with amounts varying by retailer, while others are like an eBay for gift cards, for example.”


    “Consumers certainly don’t need to leave these gift cards unused in a drawer somewhere.”

    “One “detriment” of holiday gift cards is that recipients are generally inclined to spend more than a card’s value while shopping.”

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