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Unlock the Secrets of Love: Discover How This Matchmaker Finds Soulmates for Half a Million Dollars


This matchmaker’s fee can top $500,000. Here’s her best advice to find love


Matchmaker Barbie Adler provides exclusive matchmaking services to wealthy clients, typically charging between $75,000 and $500,000.

Her method involves in-depth psychoanalysis to understand the deepest desires and patterns of her clients, and she claims that 1 in 3 clients find the ideal partner right away.

Adler emphasizes the importance of self-reflection before dating, asking individuals to evaluate their own faults, identify their goals, and consider why past relationships failed.

This process should lead to defining the ideal partner’s characteristics and setting boundaries for must-have qualities and deal-breakers.

According to Adler, it is essential to prioritize significant life decisions, such as having children, rather than attempting to change a partner’s perspective.

She believes that compromising on these big life goals can lead to divorce and emphasizes the importance of upholding one’s standards.

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    “Adler has identified 225 key indicators, including family values, politics and religion, to determine lasting compatibility.”

    “Adler, founder of the elite matchmaking company Selective Search, boasts that 1 in 3 of her clients fall for the first person they’re paired with.”


    “People typically pay between $75,000 and $500,000 for Adler’s services (and in some cases, even more).”

    “That figure is unthinkable for most people on the dating apps, where it’s known to be a numbers game, and even so, years can pass without any luck.”

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