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Unleash Your Weight Loss Potential and Tech Dominance


Two fresh ways to play the weight loss and megacap tech hype


Roundhill Investments, an ETF provider, is expanding its offerings with two new focuses: megacap tech and weight loss drug stocks.

Their latest healthcare venture is a fund dedicated to companies involved in GLP-1 medications.

Expect further details on its launch in May.

Regarding tech, Roundhill launched two ETFs centered around the “Magnificent Seven”: Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta Platforms, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Tesla.

MAGX amplifies gains from these stocks by two times, while MAGQ allows investors to bet against their performance.

However, these leveraged and inverse ETFs carry substantial risk due to daily performance resets, meaning they’re not suitable for long-term investments.

Experts advise investors to closely monitor their positions and regularly assess their suitability.

Despite the potential risks, the Roundhill Daily 2X Long Magnificent Seven ETF has gained nearly 7% since its debut, while the Daily Inverse Magnificent Seven ETF has declined by almost 4%.

  • Overall sentiment: neutral
  • Positive

    “Dave Mazza, the firm’s chief strategy officer, expects to have more information on the fund’s debut in May.”

    “This wouldn’t be Roundhill’s first new product this year. The firm launched leveraged and inverse exchange-traded funds three weeks ago that track widely held tech stocks.”


    “MAGX is designed to profit from ‘Magnificent Seven’ gains, which comprises Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta Platforms, Microsoft, Nvidia and Tesla. Meanwhile, MAGQ gives investors a way to bet negatively on the group.”

    “Both funds reset their performances each day. So, they’re considered risky choices for investors, according to Mazza.”

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