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Undocumented Workers: Pillars of the US Economy or a Threat to American Jobs?


Immigrant workers are helping boost the U.S. labor market


**Increasing Reliance on Immigrant Workers Driving US Economic Growth** A record-breaking 18.6% of the US workforce last year were immigrants, predominantly filling vital roles in agriculture, technology, and healthcare.

This influx of workers has not taken jobs away from American citizens but has instead bolstered the labor force and boosted economic growth.

Economists and the Federal Reserve recognize the crucial contribution of immigrant workers to the country’s future economic prosperity.

Despite a recent slowdown in job creation, foreign-born workers’ labor force participation rate continues to rise.

The aging American population and declining birth rates necessitate a larger workforce, which immigrant workers help to provide.

Their contributions are projected to increase the US gross domestic product (GDP) by $7 trillion over the next decade.

Specific sectors, such as eldercare facilities, rely heavily on immigrant workers.

Goodwin Living, a non-profit providing care for 2,500 adults daily, employs a workforce of 1,200, 40% of whom are immigrants from 65 countries.

Recognizing the importance of these workers, Goodwin Living has launched a citizenship program that has helped over 160 employees obtain US citizenship.

By providing support and financial assistance, the program facilitates immigrant workers’ integration into American society and retains a skilled workforce.

Despite the political debate surrounding immigration, there is a consensus among business leaders and economists that immigrant workers are essential for economic growth, addressing labor shortages, and providing critical services to the aging population.

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    “The strong jobs market has been bolstered post-pandemic by strength in the immigrant workforce in America.”

    “Goodwin launched a citizenship program, which provides financial resources, mentorship and tutoring for workers looking to obtain U.S. citizenship.”


    “Despite the U.S. adding fewer-than-expected jobs in April, the labor force participation rate for foreign-born workers ticked up slightly, to 66%.”

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