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Swipe Right into a Whole New Dating Era: Hinge’s Revolutionary Makeover


Dating apps have significantly altered how people search for relationships, transitioning from traditional personal interactions to digital platforms.

One such app is Hinge, which was founded by Justin McLeod in 2011.

McLeod, driven by his own social struggles despite academic success, sought to create a dating platform that was user-friendly, focused on authentic connections, and facilitated real-life meetups.

With limited resources, he invested his savings and recruited a friend to develop the original Hinge website.

Facing competition from established giants like Tinder, Hinge initially struggled to gain traction.

However, in 2016, the app underwent a significant redesign, moving away from the traditional swiping feature and incorporating prompts to foster deeper engagement and a focus on establishing genuine connections.

In 2017, Match Group recognized Hinge’s potential for growth and made an initial investment.

The following year, it acquired Hinge for $25 million, providing it with much-needed resources and expertise.

Through this partnership, Hinge was able to enhance its features and expand its user base.

Since the acquisition, Hinge has experienced remarkable growth, with revenue reaching $396 million in 2023.

The app’s unique approach, prioritizing deep connections over superficial hookups, has resonated with users, leading to high rates of success and positive feedback.

Despite the challenges and skepticism associated with online dating, Hinge remains committed to its mission of facilitating meaningful relationships in an era increasingly defined by digital communication.

The app’s ongoing evolution and focus on fostering connection are expected to continue driving its success.

  • Key Takeaways

Identifying a market need and finding a unique solution can lead to entrepreneurial success

Justin McLeod identified the need for a user-friendly, genuine connection-focused dating platform and created Hinge, differentiating it from existing competitors like Tinder.

Partnerships and investment can play a strategic role in business growth.

Match Group’s investment in Hinge provided it with resources and expertise, leading to enhanced features, expanded user base, and significant revenue growth.

Staying true to a company’s mission and continuing to evolve are important for sustainable success.

Hinge’s commitment to facilitating meaningful connections and its ongoing evolution have driven its success in an evolving a digital dating landscape.

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