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Student Loan Shock: Partial Loan Suspension Death Blow?


What borrowers need to know as the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program goes on a partial processing pause


The Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program, designed to relieve federal student loan debt for eligible public servants, has recently entered a partial processing pause.

This suspension, initiated on May 1st, is anticipated to last until July as the Biden administration reforms the troubled program.

During this transition, borrowers may encounter an interruption in their ability to view payment counts and submit PSLF forms.

However, loan repayments can continue, and these months will contribute towards their loan forgiveness timeline.

Borrowers approaching the 10-year mark can still apply for loan cancellation.

To expedite the process, the Education Department plans to centralize PSLF information on their website and engage multiple loan servicing companies alongside the department’s own staff.

This move aims to improve transparency and accuracy in payment tracking and form processing.

Despite the pause, borrowers who meet the eligibility criteria can request a forbearance to prevent loan accrual.

Overpayments made during the transition will also be refunded.

The Biden administration’s overhaul seeks to address the longstanding issues that have hindered the program’s effectiveness.

By streamlining the process and enhancing communication, the government hopes to provide a smoother and more accessible path to loan forgiveness for public servants dedicated to serving their communities.

  • Overall sentiment: neutral
  • Positive

    “The Biden administration has been trying to reform the program.”

    “After the improvements, PSLF borrowers will have all of their PSLF information centralized on StudentAid.gov so that the Department can provide real-time and more accurate information on payment counts and form processing”


    “However, the program has been plagued by problems, making people who actually get the relief a rarity.”

    “Borrowers often believe they’re paying their way to loan cancellation only to discover at some point in the process that they don’t qualify, usually for confusing technical reasons.”

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