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Student Debt Bomb Shelled! Biden Drops Thousands in Loan Forgiveness


Watch: President Biden announces new student loan forgiveness plan


President Biden announced plans for a new student loan forgiveness program affecting tens of millions of Americans.

The program targets borrowers eligible for existing debt cancellation programs, those in repayment for 20 or more years, and attendees of schools deemed questionable.

Financial hardship is also considered.

Up to $20,000 in unpaid interest could be forgiven.

The Education Department aims to start processing forgiveness this fall.

Biden is fulfilling a campaign promise ahead of the November election.

Student debt cancellation is a key issue for voters, especially young voters, who lean heavily in favor of forgiveness.

This initiative also sets Biden apart from potential Republican opponent Donald Trump, who opposes debt relief and has spoken out against previous forgiveness plans.

Biden has emphasized fairness, arguing that eliminating debt for those who have struggled or received low-quality education is just.

The program has a narrower scope than Biden’s initial attempt, which was struck down by the Supreme Court.

However, it is expected to provide at least partial forgiveness to 25 million Americans.

The plan’s implementation is likely to face legal challenges, but the Biden administration believes it has legal standing.

The announcement reflects the administration’s commitment to addressing the rising cost of higher education and providing relief to millions of borrowers burdened by student debt.

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    “President Joe Biden will announce on Monday the details of his new student loan forgiveness plan, which could affect tens of millions of Americans.”

    “Despite its smaller scope than Biden’sĀ first education debt relief plan, this new aid package could still lead to at least partial forgiveness for 25 million Americans, the Biden administration said.”

    “In addition, the program is expected to forgive the debt of certain groups of borrowers, including those who:Are already eligible for debt cancellation under an existing government program but have not yet applied”


    “Immediately after the Supreme Court rejected Biden’s first attempt at wide-scale education debt cancellation, the president said he would seek to forgive the loans another way.”

    “Forgiving student debt could especially help Biden with young voters, a demographic he has been struggling with.”

    ” Trump also sided with the Supreme Court in its ruling to strike down Biden’s plan.”

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