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Spring Housing Nightmare: Renters Battle Three Property Pitfalls That Will Break the Bank!


Renters face a competitive spring market: What to know about 3 kinds of properties you may see


With spring approaching, the rental market is poised to become more competitive.

As you embark on your search for a new place to live, you may encounter various types of properties, each with its own set of characteristics and potential costs.

Firstly, traditional rental buildings typically follow local rent regulation policies, which can provide some protection against sudden rent increases.

These buildings often charge application fees capped at around $20 and security deposits limited to a month’s rent.

Condominiums, on the other hand, are owned by individuals within a larger complex.

When a condo owner decides to rent out their unit, you may face higher upfront fees.

Application fees can soar to hundreds of dollars and move-in or move-out fees may also apply.

Homeowners association (HOA) fees are often associated with condos, which can add an additional expense for tenants.

Housing cooperatives, known as co-ops, function differently.

Residents own a share of the building, but do not directly own their specific units.

If a co-op building permits rentals, you will likely face a more stringent approval process.

The co-op board has broad discretion and can reject applicants for various reasons.

Rental terms in co-ops may also be limited, unlike traditional rental buildings.

In traditional rental buildings, you generally have more certainty in your tenancy as owners are less likely to desire the unit for personal use or impose time limits on rentals.

Furthermore, the application process tends to be more straightforward with clearer upfront costs.

As you explore your options, be sure to inquire about additional expenses beyond monthly rent, such as HOA fees or utility charges.

Carefully consider the type of property that best aligns with your needs and financial situation.

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    “- In general, condo owners have more flexibility when it comes to renting out their apartments, experts say.”


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