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Sisters Smash Glass Ceiling: Family Farm Queens Crowned at 22 and 24


These sisters became co-owners of the family farm at 22 and 24, joining the ranks of women as key decision-makers on farms


Sisters Rebekah Alstede Modery and Sarah Alstede have joined their family as co-owners of Alstede Farms, making it a majority women-owned enterprise.

This shift highlights the growing involvement of women in the agricultural sector, where they play key roles in decision-making for farms across the United States.

Data from the 2022 Census of Agriculture reveals that women farmers contribute significantly to farms and ranches, particularly in day-to-day operations (78%), record-keeping and financial management (71%), land use and crop decisions, and estate planning.

They are equally likely as men to participate in estate and succession planning.

However, farming faces challenges, including consolidation and increasing costs.

The number of farms in the U.S. has declined by 7% since 2017, while the average farm size has increased by 5%, leading to increased competition and debt for many farmers.

Climate change also presents challenges for farmers, such as changing temperatures and precipitation patterns.

These affect crop development, pest and weed pressure, and labor and equipment costs.

For example, Alstede Farms recently experienced a frost-freeze period and incurred significant expenses to protect its crops.

Despite these challenges, women farmers like Rebekah and Sarah believe their family’s experiences have prepared them to overcome these obstacles and succeed in the future.

They are committed to continuing the legacy of Alstede Farms while addressing the financial and environmental challenges facing agriculture.

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    “- “I grew up here, and I loved doing it, and particularly loved the business and marketing side,” Rebekah, 24, told CNBC in the living room of her childhood home, nestled on Alstede Farms’ 600-acre property in Chester, New Jersey.”


    “- Climate change and weather extremes that come with it have also become increasingly challenging for farmers.”

    “- Last year, the farm lost eight of its busiest weekends in the fall due to rain.”

    “- Alstede Farms resorted to selling hundreds of tons of apples to juice at 5% of the price, or 10 cents a pound instead of $1.99.”

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