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Rocket Reverses! Bitcoin Plummets Below $70,000 in Shocking Nightfall Dive!


Over the past week, the crypto market has experienced a notable decrease in value, with Bitcoin falling to $68,000 and Ethereum dropping to $3,700.

Solana, however, has seen a significant rise of over 8%.

Amid this downturn, MicroStrategy, a Bitcoin-focused company, plans to raise more funds through a second convertible note offering, totaling $525 million.

This convertible debt allows investors to exchange notes for shares at a predetermined price.

By using convertible notes, MicroStrategy can secure financing at lower interest rates and continue acquiring more Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, two U.S.

Senators have raised concerns about exchange-traded products (ETPs) referencing cryptocurrencies, citing potential risks for retail investors.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is currently reviewing applications for spot Ether ETFs, with decisions expected by May 23rd.

In a surprising turn of events, a UK judge has ruled that Craig Wright, who claimed to be the creator of Bitcoin under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, is not the true author.

This decision comes after a legal challenge by the crypto open patent Alliance.

Kraken’s Head of Strategy, Tomas Perfumo, attributes Bitcoin’s recent decline to a natural consolidation after its rapid surge.

He emphasizes the importance of focusing on long-term adoption, citing the potential for hundreds of millions of new users to join the crypto space within the next few years.

The upcoming Bitcoin halving event, expected in April, is seen as a significant catalyst for the cryptocurrency’s future growth due to its impact on supply and demand.

ETFs have also played a role in driving Bitcoin’s popularity, by providing more accessible investment options for institutional and retail investors.

Perfumo suggests that ETFs will continue to be a factor in the cryptocurrency’s adoption, complementing the services offered by exchanges like Kraken.

  • Key Takeaways

MicroStrategy’s convertible note raises funds for Bitcoin

MicroStrategy’s convertible note offering will allow it to secure financing at lower interest rates and use that capital to acquire more Bitcoin.


Senators raise concerns about Crypto ETPs


Senators have expressed concerns about the risks associated with exchange-traded products referencing cryptocurrencies, prompting the SEC to review the applications for spot Ether ETFs.

Long-term adoption and Bitcoin halving impacts

Experts believe Bitcoin’s recent decline is a natural consolidation, with long-term adoption and the upcoming Bitcoin halving expected to drive future growth.

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