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NYC Millennial Reveals Shocking Secret to Living on $17K Annually


In 2023, Max Gallo, a 28-year-old actor living in Brooklyn, made $117,000 from various sources, including acting, unemployment benefits, and working at an exotic car dealership.

Gallo had previously worked a “survival job” at an insurance company, but quit to pursue his passion for acting.

Although his current lifestyle involves spending more than he earns, he prioritizes experiences over possessions and doesn’t feel stressed financially as he has some savings and could always work at a different job to cover expenses.

His frugal mindset allows him to navigate the high cost of living in New York City.

Despite the uncertainty in his acting career, Gallo is confident that he will succeed as an actor, but he also acknowledges the need to find work that provides a stable income.

He aims to pursue part-time jobs that balance his acting aspirations while providing financial support.

Gallo believes that being an artist is a way of life, not a choice, and that he needs to express himself creatively to feel fulfilled.

He plans to continue pursuing his acting dreams for the next two years but may need to re-evaluate if progress is not made by then.

Overall, Gallo’s journey as an actor exemplifies the challenges and rewards of pursuing an unconventional career path, and the importance of balancing financial responsibility with personal fulfillment.

  • Key Takeaways

Pursuing a passion often involves financial instability, but balancing passions with responsibilities is crucial.

Gallo gives up a ‘survival job’ for acting, acknowledging the financial uncertainty.

Despite prioritizing experiences, he maintains savings and job options to support his acting pursuits.

A frugal mindset helps in navigating financial challenges associated with pursuing a passion.

Gallo’s frugal lifestyle and spending habits allow him to stay afloat despite living in New York City’s expensive environment.

Having a realistic understanding of both the risks and rewards of pursuing an unconventional career path is essential.

Gallo combines his artistic aspirations with financial practicality, acknowledging the need for stable income sources alongside his acting goals.

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