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Netflix Stock and Chips Dip, Dragging Down the Market’s Taste Buds


The US stock market had a mixed week, with significant declines for tech companies and the NASDAQ.

Experts attribute this to a market correction after a five-month rally.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose slightly, while the S&P 500 and NASDAQ fell.

Brad Bernstein, managing director at UBS, notes that the S&P 500 has had its longest losing streak of the year.

One major factor influencing the markets is the Federal Reserve’s policy stance.

Fed Chair Jerome Powell has indicated that interest rate cuts are unlikely, given recent economic data suggesting persistent inflation and a strong job market.

Netflix’s disappointing earnings report and discontinuation of subscriber number disclosures contributed to its stock’s decline, weighing down the S&P and NASDAQ.

Chip-related stocks, which have performed well lately due to the hype around artificial intelligence, also experienced sharp falls.

On the other hand, American Express surged following its strong earnings report.

Meanwhile, Power Mount Global’s stock soared after reports of potential acquisition discussions with Sony Pictures Entertainment and Apollo Global Management.

  • Key Takeaways

The market has recently seen some correction after a five-month rally.

The NASDAQ, in particular, has experienced significant declines, driven by losses in tech companies such as Netflix.

The Federal Reserve’s policy stance is a major factor influencing the markets.

Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s recent indications that interest rate cuts are unlikely have contributed to the market’s decline.

Specific company news and industry trends can have significant impacts on the market.

Netflix’s disappointing earnings contributed to the S&P’s and NASDAQ’s decline, while American Express surged following positive earnings.

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