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Mass Exodus: 95% of Americans Set to Abandon Jobs in Great Resignation 2.0


95% of Americans plan to look for a new job in 2024, survey finds — Here’s how to switch strategically


A significant number of Americans are actively seeking new employment opportunities due to a variety of factors.

Financial considerations play a crucial role, with nearly half of workers citing the need for higher salaries.

Despite the allure of increased pay, experts emphasize that focusing solely on monetary gains may not be the wisest approach.

Career development and skill enhancement should hold equal importance.

By prioritizing upskilling and expanding their professional repertoire, job seekers can make themselves more valuable to potential employers and protect themselves from economic downturns.

This mindset has proven successful for individuals like Kyyah Abdul, who, despite initially taking a pay cut to gain valuable experience, has since witnessed substantial salary growth through job hopping and strategic career planning.

While job hopping for financial gains is understandable, it’s crucial to recognize that higher salaries often come with increased responsibilities and performance expectations.

Employers seek individuals who can demonstrate not only their worth but also their commitment to delivering results.

Therefore, it’s essential for employees to strike a balance between financial rewards and the ability to contribute effectively to their organization.

By focusing on growth, skill development, and a mutually beneficial employer-employee relationship, job seekers can navigate the labor market more effectively and achieve their long-term career aspirations.

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    “Data from the Federal Reserve shows that job switchers increase their salaries more quickly, on average, than those who stay put.”

    “Abdul told CNBC she continued to grow her salary through promotions and other job hops.”


    “I knew that that was okay because it would come back tenfold based on the experience I was going to be getting at the new place of work.”

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