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Hong Kong property stocks soar as cooling measures melt away


Hong Kong property stocks jump after city scraps cooling measures


Hong Kong has removed restrictions on real estate purchases, aiming to stimulate the property market.

Stocks of developers surged initially, with the Property Index jumping 2.4%.

However, these gains have moderated after the announcement.

The measures include scrapping stamp duties on residential transfers and lifting buyer restrictions.

The government hopes this will revive the market, which has been flailing due to high interest rates and low consumer confidence.

Experts believe the changes may accelerate transaction volumes and potentially lead to a modest recovery in property prices later this year.

  • Overall sentiment: positive
  • Positive

    “Stocks of Hong Kong property developers rose after Financial Secretary Paul Chan scrapped property cooling measures in a bid to bolster the sector.”

    “The Hang Seng Property index jumped 2.4% following the announcement.”


    “Hong Kong’s housing prices, once the most expensive in the world, have plunged almost 20% since their peak in 2021 on the back of rising interest rates and dimmer market sentiment.”

    “Hong Kong’s stock markets have plunged around 40% from its highs a couple of years ago.”

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