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Discover the Secret Side Hustle That Turns You Into a Cash-Making Machine in 2024


In less than a year, an online shop selling AI-generated digital download art has earned over six figures in revenue.

You can start this business from anywhere with just $10.

To make the images, use Mid Journey, an AI image generator.

Enter a text prompt describing the image you want, and it will generate a usable, sellable piece.

Modify your prompts to get the best quality images.

Once your image is ready, package it into a visually appealing listing and upload it for sale on Etsy.

Before you begin, research what types of images sell well.

Look at successful shops on Etsy to see what they’re selling and what keywords they’re using.

Use a shop analyzer tool like Aura to get more detailed insights.

To start using Mid Journey, create a Discord account and join their server.

Find a General Chat room and add the Mid Journey bot to your server.

Type “/imagine” in the chat box, followed by a prompt describing your desired image.

Mid Journey will generate four different options.

To improve the quality of your images, adjust the stylization settings in Mid Journey.

Use the “Raw” mode for more realistic results.

Find public domain images that match your desired style and use the “/describe” command to upload them into Mid Journey.

This will help the AI generate images that are closer to your target style.

Upscale your images to make them high-quality.

Resize them into popular aspect ratios using a free tool like Preview or Photoshop.

To create professional-looking mockups, use Mid Journey again, following the same process as for making the art.

Edit the mockups slightly in Photoshop or a free alternative like Photopea to make the artwork blend into the frames perfectly.

Upload your images to Etsy as digital download files.

Include a “Thank You” letter with a download link to a Google Drive or Dropbox folder where customers can access all the aspect ratios.

To scale your business, consider offering physical prints using a print-on-demand service like Printify.

This allows you to sell posters and canvases without having to handle inventory or shipping.

  • Key Takeaways

AI-generated art has significant earning potential.

An online shop selling AI-generated digital download art earned over six figures in revenue in less than a year, demonstrating the commercial viability of this venture.

Mid Journey is an effective tool for creating high-quality AI-generated images.

Mid Journey, an AI image generator, allows you to create visually appealing images by entering text prompts, providing a convenient and efficient way to generate sellable artwork.

Proper market research and image optimization are crucial for success.

Researching successful Etsy shops, using shop analyzer tools, and optimizing images using stylization settings and upscale techniques enhance the quality and saleability of AI-generated art.

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