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Sell Your Home Now: Make $7,700 More in This Hidden Gem Period


The best time to sell your home — in 2023, listings in this period sold for $7,700 more, research finds


Traditionally, spring has been the prime season for buying and selling homes, but recent events have disrupted these trends.

While housing supply is increasing, experts recommend sellers wait until June to maximize their profits.

In 2023, homes listed in early June fetched 2.3% more than those listed in spring.

This shift is attributed to an “unusual market” over the past four years.

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the real estate market in 2020, leading to a dormant period.

In 2021, buyers flocked to the market due to low mortgage rates and remote work flexibility.

However, in 2022, rising interest rates cooled the market.

Experts anticipate a “year-round” real estate market rather than the traditional seasonal cycle.

A second buying surge is expected in the summer, potentially ignited by a downward trend in mortgage rates.

As rates drop, buyer demand will increase, potentially driving up home prices.

Despite the recent supply increase, demand remains high, keeping prices elevated.

However, if you can afford it, purchasing now and refinancing later may be a smart move, allowing you to enter the market before rates decline significantly and trigger a buying rush.

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    “In 2023, homes listed in the first two weeks of June sold for 2.3% more, a $7,700 boost on a typical U.S. home, according to a new Zillow analysis.”

    “The typical spring home shopping season has been “flipped on its head” due to an unusual market over the past four years, Pendleton said .”


    “The recent boost in supply isn’t enough to meet the pent-up demand in the market, according to Redfin.”

    “Yet if you can afford to buy a property now, it may be smart to do so and refinance later.”

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