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Fed Holds Rates, Three Cuts in 2019 Confirmed. Plan Your Financial Future Today!


Fed holds rates steady and maintains three cuts coming sometime this year


The Federal Reserve (Fed), the central bank of the United States, has kept interest rates unchanged following its recent policy meeting.

This decision signals the bank’s cautious stance on the economy and its ongoing fight against inflation.

The Fed indicated its intention to cut interest rates three times in the second half of 2024, marking a departure from its previous aggressive approach to raising rates.

However, the timing of these cuts will depend on economic data and whether inflation continues to decline.

Despite holding rates steady, the Fed remains committed to bringing inflation back to its target of 2%.

The rate of inflation has shown signs of decelerating, but the bank wants to see a more sustained downward trend before it begins reducing rates.

In addition to addressing interest rates, the Fed also discussed its balance sheet reduction program, known as “quantitative tightening.”

This program aims to reduce the Fed’s holdings of government bonds and mortgage-backed securities.

Although no concrete decisions were made, the Fed indicated that it will likely slow the pace of this program in the near future.

Overall, the Fed’s decision and projections suggest that it is taking a patient approach to managing the economy.

It is seeking to balance its desire to lower inflation with maintaining economic growth and preventing job losses.

The market responded positively to the Fed’s announcement, with stocks rallying and bond yields declining.

  • Overall sentiment: positive
  • Positive

    “Markets rallied following the release of the FOMC decision.”

    “The Dow Jones Industrial Average finished the session up 401 points, or just over 1%.”


    “The current federal funds rate level is the highest in more than 23 years.”

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