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Fed Chief’s Stanford Sermon: Prepare for Economic Storms Ahead!


Watch Fed Chair Powell speak live at Stanford policy conference economic forum


Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell is scheduled to speak today at the Stanford Business, Government and Society forum.

His speech comes after the Fed’s recent meeting where it kept interest rates unchanged.

However, Powell hinted that the central bank may lower interest rates later this year, but emphasized the need for more evidence that inflation, which has been stubbornly high, is moving towards the Fed’s 2% goal.

Powell’s comments have been echoed by other Fed officials, indicating that while they foresee rate cuts in the future, the timing remains uncertain.

While market expectations suggest the Fed might start reducing rates in June or July with a total of three cuts by the end of 2024, officials like Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic believe there could be just one cut this year.

It’s crucial to note that policymakers are holding off on cutting rates until they see clearer signs of inflation easing.

They are mindful of the potential risks of lowering rates too early, which could lead to a resurgence of inflation if the economy overheats.

In short, the Fed is signaling a cautious approach to lowering interest rates, waiting for more evidence that inflation is under control before making a move.

The timing of rate cuts remains uncertain, with market expectations differing from some officials’ views.

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    “He will deliver prepared remarks followed by a question-and-answer session with a moderator.”


    “But he also said the timing isn’t certain and policymakers need more evidence that inflation is moving toward the Fed’s 2% goal.”

    “They see an unspecified number of rate reductions coming but the timing is uncertain.”

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