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Elite Billionaires’ Secret Investment Haven Revealed: Unlocking Untold Wealth


Here’s where the world’s top 0.001% are putting their money, according to wealth experts


To provide a glimpse into the exclusive world of the ultra-wealthy, a group known as “centimillionaires” with a net worth exceeding $100 million, certain key points are worth noting.

Globally, there are approximately 28,420 centimillionaires, primarily concentrated in major financial and business hubs like New York City, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, London, and Beijing.

These cities offer a sophisticated financial infrastructure, entrepreneurial opportunities, and lucrative real estate markets, attracting the ultra-wealthy.

In terms of investment strategies, centimillionaires differ significantly from ordinary investors.

They prioritize preserving their wealth and legacy rather than chasing quick profits or illiquid assets.

Therefore, publicly traded equities and cryptocurrencies are typically not part of their portfolios.

Real estate investments, particularly “trophy asset” Class A properties, hold a prominent position in centimillionaire portfolios.

These high-value buildings offer stable returns and serve as a means of protecting their wealth.

Statistics show that real estate investments comprise around 27% of the portfolios of ultra-high net worth individuals.

Centimillionaires often establish single family offices to manage their finances, personal affairs, and charitable initiatives.

These family offices handle a wide range of responsibilities, from managing the inheritance to investing in high-growth startups.

Additionally, the ultra-wealthy show interest in acquiring stakes in professional sports teams.

This elite group offers significant prestige and networking opportunities, allowing these individuals to solidify their status among peers.

Fixed income, private credit, and alternative investments, including venture capital and private equity, are also gaining traction among centimillionaires.

As investors seek alternative sources of yield, private credit has emerged as a desirable option.

In summary, centimillionaires maintain a highly selective approach to investing, prioritizing preservation of wealth and seeking unique investment opportunities that offer diversification and strong risk-adjusted returns.

They live in exclusive communities, invest heavily in real estate, seek alternative investment vehicles, and often own stakes in professional sports teams, showcasing their desire for prestige and connection with the elite.

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    “These cities boast robust financial infrastructure, vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems, and lucrative real estate markets, making them attractive destinations for the ultra-wealthy”

    “Michael Sonnenfeldt, founder and chairman of Tiger 21 told CNBC that real estate investments typically represent 27% of these individuals’ portfolios.”


    “They don’t invest in get rich, quick things, illiquid things today. For example, that means they don’t really do publicly traded equities”

    “They actually don’t even invest in crypto, believe it or not,”

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