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Don’t Get Ghosted! Uncover the Shocking Truth About Who Should Pay for Date #1


Who should pay for the first date? Dating coaches and a couples therapist weigh in


Navigating the question of who pays for a first date can be daunting.

According to dating experts, it generally falls on the man in heterosexual couples.

This stems from social norms where men traditionally ask for the date and are perceived as financial providers.

Most Americans (72%) agree that men should pay for the first date, and 78% of men believe it’s their responsibility.

Men may feel a subconscious need to display financial security by covering the bill.

However, the person who initiates the date, regardless of gender, should generally offer to pay.

In same-sex couples, the initiator pays.

If a woman asks out a man, she should be prepared to cover the bill.

Paying for the first date has strategic benefits for men, giving them a better chance at a second date if they like their companion.

Experts emphasize that this is not contrary to feminism or equality, but rather a respectful gesture.

Splitting the bill is generally discouraged as it can create an awkward or friend-zoned atmosphere.

Women who don’t want a second date may offer to pay but shouldn’t be upset if the man accepts.

Experts also advise against tying payment to the success or failure of a date.

A sincere thank you is sufficient, regardless of the outcome.

  • Overall sentiment: neutral
  • Positive

    “Yes, it’s the traditional expectation — but it’s also a nice gesture, she added.”

    ““I do believe that equality and feminism and chivalry can all exist at the same time,” Ettin said.”


    “But it feels nice to be treated sometimes.””

    “About 68% of adults stress about their finances when organizing a date, and 69% said they’ve felt uncomfortable on dates because of how much it will cost, according to a recent Self Financial poll.”

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