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Discover the Secret to a Meaningful Valentine’s Day: Forget Expensive Dates, Focus on Priceless Moments


Op-ed: Money dates are great — but not on Valentine’s Day. Keep it big picture instead


Money dates are a growing trend for couples to discuss their finances and improve their problem-solving skills.

While quality time on Valentine’s Day can lead to meaningful conversations, venturing into specific financial discussions could spoil the occasion and deter future money dates.

Money dates should focus on reinforcing the “team,” practicing communication skills, and displaying mutual support, rather than just keeping track of the budget.

Partners should dream about their future together and listen without judgment or criticism to lay the groundwork for more focused financial meetings.

Real money dates should take place quarterly and after major life changes and include ample distraction-free time, muted devices, and discussion of the couple’s net worth, budget behaviors, larger fixed expenses, and discretionary expenses, as well as their feelings and goals.

The goal is not to solve every issue at once but to foster mutual understanding and work as a team.

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    “Money dates are becoming a popular way for couples to discuss their finances together.”

    “By holding these dates on a regular basis, couples can improve their joint problem-solving skills and normalize tough conversations that might otherwise become a source of festering stress in their relationship.”


    “Numbers aren’t romantic.”

    “Spending quality time together on Valentine’s Day might lead to meaningful conversations, but venturing too far into the specifics could not only spoil the occasion, but it could also deter you from having these important dates at the right times in the future.”

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