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Death Note Trend: Why You Need a Sorry I’m Dead Note More Than a Will


‘Sorry I am dead’: Why a ‘death note’ is as important as having a will, advisor says


In addition to traditional estate planning documents like wills, “death notes” serve as administrative guides, assisting loved ones in managing the practicalities associated with death.These informal documents provide essential details to help relatives handle various aspects, including financial accounts, household bills, important contacts, and digital assets.

Death notes alleviate some of the burden from loved ones during difficult times.It’s advisable to update such notes annually or during significant life events.

Sharing the note’s existence and location with loved ones is vital.

While some opt for hard copies stored in safes, others may prefer digital versions or bank safety deposit boxes for securekeeping.

Essentially, creating a death note signifies love and provides clarity to those left behind after death.

  • Overall sentiment: positive
  • Positive

    “Such a document, he says, is distinct from other estate planning cornerstones like drafting a will, which lays out one’s wishes for how to distribute assets upon death.”

    “Its contents aim to ease the administrative work assumed by loved ones when you die.”


    “When people are left behind, they’re already mourning and distraught”

    “Otherwise, “it’s just mayhem,” she said.”

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