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Credit Card Nightmare: Surging Missed Payments Have Dire Consequences


As late, missed payments rise, credit card borrowers face ‘consequences’ for falling behind, CFPB says


In an effort to address rising credit card costs, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has implemented new regulations that cap late fees.

Previously, cardholders paid an alarming $130 billion in late fees and interest, which often compounded punitive measures like negative credit reporting that could damage their scores.

Additionally, more consumers are falling deeper into debt with card balances reaching record highs and delinquency rates escalating.

These high balances and missed payments are negatively impacting credit scores, making it harder to obtain future loans at reasonable interest rates.

The new rule aims to reduce excessive late fees, potentially saving cardholders billions of dollars.

For those who regularly pay late fees, this could result in savings of up to $220 a year.

Overall, consumers are facing mounting financial stress due to high interest rates and rising costs, leading to higher debt and challenges in managing their finances.

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    “The CFPB finalized a rule Tuesday to ban excessive credit card late fees, potentially reducing them by as much as $10 billion a year.”

    “For those households, this rule could result in a savings of $220 a year, on average.”


    “Late fees are often layered on top of other punitive measures credit card companies impose on consumers who miss payments, including negative credit reporting, which can hurt their credit score.”

    “Consumers as a whole are falling deeper in debt, and that has cost them.”

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