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Congress Scrutinizes American Money Flowing into China: TikTok Implicated


TikTok aside, Congress has its eye on the U.S. money going into China


**Increased Congressional Scrutiny of U.S. Investments in China** The U.S. Congress is intensifying its focus on American investments that support China’s military development.

This heightened scrutiny could result in more permanent restrictions on investments, going beyond temporary executive orders.

Congress is concerned that U.S. funding may inadvertently contribute to China’s technological advancements in areas like semiconductors and artificial intelligence, which could pose a threat to U.S. national security.

Lawmakers are calling for legislation that would restrict investments in certain Chinese industries.

The House Select Committee on the CCP has been at the forefront of this effort, highlighting the alleged links between U.S. venture capital firms and Chinese technology companies involved in military and surveillance operations.

The committee has published reports detailing these connections and has proposed legislation to ban popular social media app TikTok in the U.S. if it is not sold by its Chinese parent company.

Other proposals in Congress include bills that would require U.S. investors to notify the Treasury Department about investments in Chinese technology sectors and restrict investments in companies developing advanced technologies like hypersonics and high-performance computing.

However, passing such legislation has been challenging due to the complexity of the issue and the need for bipartisan support.

Despite these obstacles, lawmakers are determined to find an enduring solution that prevents American capital from funding China’s military development.

The push for greater congressional oversight signals a long-term shift in U.S. policy towards China, potentially shaping future U.S.-China relations for years to come.

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    “Greater Congressional scrutiny on U.S. investments into China means any new rules or restrictions may outlast presidential terms and become part of U.S. law.”


    “So far it’s been difficult for the U.S. government to pass sweeping restrictions on investments in China, although being tough on Beijing has been touted as a rare area of bipartisan agreement.”

    “The Biden administration in August issued an executive order aimed at restricting U.S. investments into semiconductor, quantum computing and artificial intelligence companies citing national security concerns.”

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