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College Dreams Crushed: FAFSA Blunders Jeopardize Future Enrollments


FAFSA ‘fiasco’ could cause decline in the number of students going to college, experts say


The recent rollout of a new Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form has hindered many high school seniors from applying for college financial aid, leading to a significant decline in FAFSA submissions.

This decline has sparked concerns that college enrollment rates may fall as students lack the resources to cover their expenses.

The FAFSA is crucial for accessing federal aid, including grants, loans, and work-study programs, especially for low-income students.

Despite a simplified 2024-25 form aimed at increasing accessibility, the current rollout has caused confusion and discouraged applicants.

As of August, 2.8 million fewer FAFSAs have been submitted compared to the same period last year, a decline of nearly 20%.

This has further exacerbated the issue of financial aid being a determining factor in college attendance.

Studies indicate that students with access to financial resources are more likely to enroll in higher education.

The decline in FAFSA applications raises concerns about college enrollment levels in the fall.

Without adequate financial assistance, students may be unable to afford the costs associated with higher education, leading to a potential drop in enrollment and a missed opportunity for many to pursue their academic goals.

Experts emphasize the importance of submitting a FAFSA, citing a strong correlation between FAFSA completion and college enrollment.

Over 80% of seniors who complete the FAFSA immediately enroll in college.

However, the overly complex and error-prone nature of the application has historically deterred many applicants.

The new FAFSA rollout has failed to address these issues effectively, resulting in a substantial decrease in FAFSA submissions and raising doubts about the accessibility of higher education for all students.

This situation highlights the urgent need for a more streamlined and user-friendly FAFSA process to ensure that all eligible students can access the financial assistance they need to pursue their educational aspirations.

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    “Affordability is the No. 1 issue among college hopefuls.”


    “Problems with the new Free Application for Federal Student Aid have discouraged many high school seniors and their families from completing an application, experts say.”

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