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College debt-free dream come true: Dartmouth and Vanderbilt promise no more student loans!


Dartmouth and Vanderbilt expand financial aid awards in an effort to eliminate student loans


Amidst rising college costs, several universities are expanding their financial aid programs to alleviate student debt for middle-class families.

Vanderbilt University is providing full-tuition scholarships to families with incomes below $150,000 through its Opportunity Vanderbilt initiative.

Dartmouth College has also raised its income threshold for “zero parent contribution” to $125,000 from $65,000.

These moves aim to ensure accessibility and prevent students from being discouraged by high costs.

However, even with these “no-loan” policies, students may still need to contribute expected family contributions and cover additional expenses like books and fees.

To explore affordable options, consider financial safety schools that offer more merit-based aid.

Use the college scorecard and net price calculators to research potential schools and communicate openly within families to set realistic expectations.

Experts emphasize the need for students and families to have financial discussions early on and explore a range of institutions to balance academic and financial goals.

By widening their choices, students can increase their chances of accessing higher education without the burden of substantial debt.

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    “Now more students from middle class families will be able to graduate debt free after some schools further expand their financial aid programs.”


    “In a year plagued by problems¬†with the new¬†Free Application for Federal Student Aid, students who were already struggling under the weight of the tab now face additional barriers, Christiansen said, which could ultimately hurt college enrollment.”

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