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Chinese Premier’s Davos Speech: Innovation for All, Not a Weapon of Exclusion


China’s premier tells Davos that innovation shouldn’t be used to restrict other nations


Chinese Premier Li Qiang called for collaboration in innovation and against using it for restrictions and containment.

He stressed that technological benefits should be global, not selective.

Li also discussed AI risks and the need for human control, data security, and ethical governance.

Li emphasized China’s support for multilateralism and addressing concerns about data sharing and procurement fairness.

Positive economic growth was reported at 5.2%, achieved without relying on excessive stimulus.

His speech highlighted China’s focus on strengthening internal drivers.

Premier Li is scheduled to visit Ireland after meeting Swiss President Viola Amherd.

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    “Li on Tuesday cast China as a supporter of multilateralism and called for further global cooperation.”

    “Li met with Swiss President Viola Amherd ahead of the Davos conference and is set to visit Ireland later in the week.”


    “U.S. measures in the last two years have explicitly focused on cutting China off from high-end semiconductors used for artificial intelligence, out of concern that the tech is fueling the military capabilities of Beijing.”

    “Beijing has repeatedly asked Washington to remove restrictions on Chinese companies that prevent them from buying advanced technology from U.S. firms.”

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