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China’s Commercial Property Shines Amidst Slumping Real Estate Market: Green Shoots for Investors


China’s commercial property segment is seeing some bright spots amid a slump in the wider realty sector


China’s commercial real estate market is experiencing a resurgence in certain segments, even amidst a broader property market slowdown.

The capital city of Beijing has seen prime retail rents rise at their fastest pace since 2019, driven by demand from emerging food and beverage brands, niche foreign fashion offerings, and electric car companies.

This trend is expected to continue throughout the year, buoying rents that remain below pre-pandemic levels.

Despite the positive signs in the commercial sector, analysts caution that the market is still facing challenges.

While sales of commercial properties have shown improvement, floor space of residential properties sold continues to decline.

China’s economy has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and a broader slump in the property market.

However, some investors believe that China’s commercial real estate prices are approaching an attractive buying point.

One expert suggests that the market may continue to decline in the near term, but sees long-term potential given China’s large population, demographics, and consumption numbers.

They believe there are opportunities to acquire high-quality assets that will prove valuable in the mid-term.

Hong Kong-based property developer Swire Properties has also expressed confidence in China’s commercial real estate market.

The company plans to double its gross floor area in mainland China by 2032.

Swire reports that foot traffic and retail sales have surpassed pre-pandemic levels in most of their malls.

Overall, while the Chinese commercial real estate market shows signs of recovery in some areas, it’s important to recognize that challenges remain.

Investors looking to enter the market should carefully evaluate the risks and long-term potential.

  • Overall sentiment: positive
  • Positive

    “Prices in China’s commercial real estate market are getting close to an attractive buying point”

    “We do have still a very positive outlook on the longer term a prospect of China”


    “Covid-19 restrictions on movement had also cut demand for China’s commercial property”

    “China’s economy, however, took longer than expected to rebound from the pandemic”

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