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China Unlocks the Gate: Mobile Pay Paradise for Foreigners!


China is making it much easier for foreigners to use mobile pay


China has increased the spending limits for foreign visitors using the Alipay mobile app.

Without registering ID, tourists can now spend up to $2,000 annually, a significant increase from the previous $500 limit.

This change aims to ease payment convenience for international travelers and promote China’s mobile payment adoption.

For those who do register their ID, transaction limits have also been raised significantly.

Single-transactions can now be made up to $5,000, and the annual limit has been increased to $50,000.

These changes apply to foreigners using Alipay or specific overseas mobile payment apps through the Alipay+ program.

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    “The changes in transaction amounts follow announcements this month from the People’s Bank of China for such increases.”

    “Ant also announced Friday that international travelers who register their ID with Alipay can use the app for single transactions as large as $5,000, up from $1,000 previously.”


    “However, stringent real-name verification policies have often made it difficult for foreign visitors to China to use mobile pay.”

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