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Buyer Beware: Cheap Sofas Could Cost You in the Long Run


You can still buy a sofa for $399 — here’s why you may not want to


The relentless pursuit of lower-cost furniture manufacturing over the decades has taken its toll on quality.

While consumers may appreciate the affordability of today’s pieces, they often come with a shorter lifespan and limited repairability.

The shift towards mass production and flat-packed furniture, along with the use of cheaper composite materials like plywood, MDF, and particle board, has led to diminished durability.

These substitute materials may drive down costs, but they are less resilient than the traditional solid wood furniture of the past.

Experts emphasize that the adage “you get what you pay for” holds true in the furniture industry.

While finding high-quality pieces can be challenging, it’s crucial to research and inspect potential purchases thoroughly.

Look for signs of quality construction, such as dovetail drawers and solid wood frames, rather than glued or stapled joints and veneer-coated particle board.

To reconcile affordability with quality, consider saving in advance for furniture purchases or exploring financing options.

No-interest financing, in-store sales, and layaway plans can help spread out the cost.

However, it’s essential to ensure you can repay these within the agreed timeframes to avoid incurring high interest rates.

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    “Attitudes have changed, said Koehler, who is a member of the Home Furnishings Association.”

    “However, “the old expression, ‘you get what you pay for,’ is very true in the furniture industry,” he said.”


    “A decadeslong effort to mass produce furniture at a lower cost has led to a decline in quality, overall, experts say.”

    “What was lost along the way was “repairability,” says CoCo Ree Lemery, a professor of furniture and industrial design at Purdue University.”

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