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Buy Your Dream Home and Save a Bundle: Insider Secrets on Snagging New Homes at a Steal


Here are some tips for homebuyers to save on costs with newly built homes, experts say


When purchasing a new home, it’s important to consider that the sticker price can increase significantly based on the finishes you add.

To save money, consider hiring a contractor later to add the desired finishes.

Newly built homes typically come with base-level finishes, but buyers often want to upgrade to more expensive options.

These upgrades, such as different flooring, windows, or outlets, can quickly add up.

To keep the initial cost of the new home within range, experts recommend deferring certain elements for future renovations or upgrades.

Homeowners can then hire a contractor to complete these projects when they have the time and funds.

On average, homeowners spend over $13,000 on various home improvement projects annually.

Many homeowners pay for these projects out of savings or use credit cards.

However, experts advise being cautious and focusing on the structural elements of the home initially.

Upgrading finishes can be done later, and it may potentially save money in the near term.

By opting for basic finishes now and upgrading later, you can avoid a sticker shock at the time of purchase.

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    “To save on costs with a new build, it may be in a potential buyer’s best interest to hire a contractor later on to add desired finishes, experts say.”

    “Buyers of newly built homes can face a property tax surprise”


    “Buyers of newly built homes can come across a number of sticker shocks.”

    “But the value of a newly built house will depend on multiple factors, including the finishes that are added”

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