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BREAKING: Biden’s $460B Bonanza Prevents Government Blackout!


President Biden signs $460 billion spending bill to avert a partial government shutdown


President Biden has signed a $460 billion spending bill, preventing a government shutdown.

This bill funds six major government departments, including defense, agriculture, and transportation.

It also extends funding for a special food assistance program and provides pay increases for infrastructure workers.

To secure the bill, Democrats agreed to certain Republican priorities, such as cutting funding for some government agencies and protecting veterans’ gun rights.

While this deal averts a shutdown, it covers only half the government’s funding needs this fiscal year, meaning further negotiations are necessary to keep the government operating beyond March 22.

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    “President Joe Biden on Saturday signed a $460 billion spending bill into law, averting a partial government shutdown that would have taken effect this weekend.”

    “The Senate had voted 75 to 22 to approve the package after the House passed it earlier this week.”


    “This is the fourth time this fiscal year that Congress has had to pass a short-term spending bill to keep the government funded and avert a shutdown.”

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